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New Plastic Toilet Bolt Caps
In Many Colors

Toilet Bolt Cap Set 1-1/4" diameter, 3/4" tall

Pricing Info & How to Order

For color identification, we recommend the Church Manufacturing color chart.

Price is per pair, includes package, handling, and shipping. Bolt caps are not returnable.

Our price is your cost. No surprise shipping charges or processing fees added at check-out.    
Color shading below is approxomate. Contact us before ordering if you are uncertain. Bolt cap color may not match your toilet unless you are certain that your brand and color name are matched.    

Color-To-Match® Expert identification and specification service. Thirty (30) minutes of telephone and e-mail consultation plus catalog research to identify your toilet brand, model, year, color. Includes color samples via postal mail if necessary. Price does not include bolt caps. Enter your payment here online. Then call 800-658-4521, ext 2 Pacific Time to speak with our toilet expert. Important: There may or may not be a matching color of bolt caps available. Identification fee is not refundable.

Briggs, Crane, Gerber, Kilgore, Kohler Avocado- Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #125.) N/A
Kohler Teal; Universal Rundle Green Velvet - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #655.) $21.11
Artesian Willow Green; Briggs Spring Mist; Crane Seafoam Green; Kohler Seafoam; Universal Rundle Green Ice - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #455.) $21.11
Kohler Aspen Green; Norris Alpine Green - Bolt Caps *No Longer Available* N/A
Kohler Fresh Green - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #255.) *No Longer Available* N/A
Artesian Soft Yellow; Briggs Special Vanilla; Kohler French Vanilla; Mansfield French Chiffon; Norris Parisian Creme; Universal Rundle Spring Yellow - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #141.) $20.11
American Standard Autumn Gold; Briggs & Kohler & Norris & Peerless Harvest Gold; Crane Aztec Gold; Gerber Spanish Gold; Kilgore & Universal Rundle Gold; Mansfield Royal Gold - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #031.) Sold Out
American Standard Saffron Yellow (Sub for Manchu Yellow); Artesian, Gerber Citron Yellow; Briggs, Peerless Saffron Yellow, Crane Buttercup Yellow (sub for Citrus Yellow, Kohler Sunrise, Universal Rundle Yellow. - Bolt Caps (Bemis color chart #211.) $20.11
Kohler Sunlight Yellow - Bolt Caps (Bemis color chart #541) $20.11
American Standard & Briggs Shell; Crane Carnation Pink; Gerber Sea Shell; Mansfield Caribbean Shell; Sterling Shell; Universal Rundle Rose Dawn - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #363) N/A
Artesian Cameo Rose; Crane & Kohler Wild Rose; Gerber English Rose; Norris & Western Pottery Rose - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #243) $20.11
American Standard, Briggs, Peerles Venetian Pink, Eljer Blossom Pink, Gerer Bahama Pink- Bolt Caps (Bemis color chart #063) $25.11
Briggs Desert Rose; Kohler Raspberry Puree; Mansfield Raspberry; Universal Rundle Cranberry - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #343.) $20.11
Kohler Jersey Cream - Bolt Caps $20.11
Crane Almond Nut; Gerber & Kilgore & Kohler Almond; Mansfield Natural/Almond; Universal Rundle Doeskin; Western Pottery Bone - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #146.) $20.11
American Standard & Artesian & Briggs & Gerber & Kilgore & Peerless Bone; Crane Bone/Cameo; Mansfield Classic Bone; Norris Ivory; Universal Rundle Mushroom - Bolt Caps (Bemis color chart #006.) $19.11
Crane Cameo; Eljer Natural,; Gerber Wheat. - Bolt Caps (Bemis color chart #036.) $20.11
American Standard Linen; Briggs & Kohler Biscuit; Gerber British Biscuit; Mansfield Antique Lace; Toto Sedona Beige; Universal Rundle White Sand - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #346.) $20.11
Artesian Parched Sand; Briggs & Kilgore & Kohler & Peerless Parchment; Gerber Nutria; Mansfield Royal Parchment; Norris Papyrus - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #046.) $20.11
Kohler Sandbar - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #788.) $20.11
Kohler Ice Grey; Western Pottery Silver - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #062.) $20.11
Kohler Thunder Grey - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #042.) $20.11
Kohler Country Grey - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #032.) $20.11
American Standard Silver; Briggs Royal Silver; Crane Platinum Grey; Eljer Platinum; Gerber Silverado; Kilgore, Norris, Peerless Sterling Silver; Mansfield Classic Silver; Sterling Ice Grey; Universal Rundle Silver Grey - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #162.) $22.11
Artesian Pearl Grey; Briggs Light Grey; Crane & Kilgore & Kohler Tender Grey; Gerber Soft Grey; Mansfield Harbor Grey - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #052.) $20.11
Artesian & Briggs & Crane & Gerber Blush; Eljer Zinfandel; Kohler & Sterling Innocent Blush; Mansfiled Dawn Blush - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #443.) $20.11
Artesian Peach Blossom; Kohler Desert Bloom; Western Pottery Peach - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #643.) $20.11
American Standard & Briggs & Kilgore & Peerless Fawn Beige; Crane Autumn Beige; Gerber Jamaican Beige; Mansfield Classic Beige - Bolt Caps (Bemis color chart #068.) $20.11
Briggs Tampa Sand; Crane Sahara Sand; Eljer Sandlewood; Gerber Tijuana Sand; Kilgore & Kohler & Peerless Mexican Sand; Mansfield Desert Sand; Norris Moroccan Sand - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #148.) $22.11
Kohler Taupe - Bolt Caps $20.11
Kohler Merlot - Bolt Caps. (Closest color to Expresso or Swiss Chocolate, but NOT a match. (Bemis color chart #208.) N/A

American Standard, Briggs, Peerles Regency Blue Gerber Regal Blue - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #064)

American Standard, Briggs, Kilgore, Peerless Dresden Blue; Crane Powder Blue; Gerber Dawn Blue, Mansfield Heritage Blue - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #464.) $22.11
Kohler Skylight; Universal Rundle Chicory Blue - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #444.) N/A
Kohler Navy - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #244.) $20.11
American Standard & Crane & Mansfield & Universal Rundle Black; Briggs Elegant Black; Eljer Onyx; Kohler Black Black; Toto Ebony Black - Bolt Caps. (Bemis color chart #047.) $20.11
White - Bolt Caps. (They're cheaper at the hardware store.) $20.11
Orders of two or more pair are priced at $21.00 per pair. However, this price is only available when paid by check via postal mail. Not available on website or telephone orders.    
To order more than one, please call 650-483-1139.    
To Pay By Check, Click Here    


Q: How much is the shipping charge?
A: The prices shown include shipping cost, and packing and handling. (Our prices include everything!)


Q: How many caps are there ?
A: One pair.


Q: What is included?
A: The caps (pair) and the retainer washers.


Q: Why are they so expensive?
A: There is a minimum cost for processing any order. You might get them cheaper elsewhere.


Q: Do you have white?
A: Yes. But you can get them cheaper at any hardware store. Our service is about colors.


Q: Do you have china porcelain bolt cover caps?
A: No.


Q: What is the warranty?
A: One year.


Q: What is the return policy?
A: Due to the low dollar value of this item, they are not returnable unless there has been an error on our part.


Q: How can I keep the caps from falling off?

A: Our caps come with a retainer washer as seen in the picture above. The retainer washer installs under the toilet bolt nut and washer with the clip side up. The cap then snaps onto the retainer washer.

A: On existing, older toilets the nuts may be rusted, corroded, fused and therefore not able to be removed. In this case do not use the retainer washer. Rather, fill the cap with plumber's putty and push it onto the bolt.



Pricing: The price includes the bolt capss and delivery via US Mail to the continental USA plus Alaska and Hawaii.


Payment & How to Order (by check or credit card or PayPal):

Via Check: Postal mail a note stating the caps you want; your shipping address; your phone number; and include a check* or money order payable to This Old Toilet for the amount** shown for the caps. Send to:
948 Dolores Ave
Los Altos, CA 94024-6010

* Include your bank's telephone number so that we can verify funds prior to shipment. If we are unable to verify funds, please allow two weeks from receipt of check to shipment of tank.

** If delivery is to California, add 8.75% for sales tax. (Rate is for Santa Clara county, where title passes, per State Board of Equalization regulations.)

Via PayPal or Credit Card: Click the Buy Now button next to the cap you want to order.

PayPal note: If you get a "Timed Out" error message, you may have a "corrupt cookie" on your computer. We can email you instructions to resolve.

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