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Case One Piece ~ Eljer Emblem ~ Jacob Delafon Fleur ~ Kohler Champlain ~ Kohler Rochelle & Palarre

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Plastic Toilet Seats
Made in America
(Picture at left is factory showroom in Wisconsin)

100 Colors Matching 18 Brands
Replacement Plastic Toilet Seats to Match Old, Discontinued Colors

Customer Comments ~ Q & A ~ List of Color Names
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These valuable features are included:
StaTite® ~ Mounting nuts prevent slipping or shifting of the mounting bolts
Whisper-Close ~ Soft-close hinge automatically lowers the rim and cover without slamming
Easy Clean ~ Twist release hinges allow seat to be removed without tools for easy cleaning

Answer these three questions regarding your toilet and seat. If you answer "Yes" to all three questions, then our Color-To-Match® seat will fit your toilet.

1: Are the hinges on your toilet seat 5-1/2" apart from center-to-center?

2: Do the hinges mount down through the bowl? (Versus back through the tank.)

3: Is the shape of your toilet bowl and seat curved or rounded? (Versus angled or squared-off front corners.)

If any answer is "No", stop and call 800-658-4521, ext 2 Pacific Time.

The industry terms Round and Elongated are not describing shapes. They are distinguishing bowl and seat size. Round is also known as Regular and Plain. Verify your selection based on the dimensions above.

Important Note: These seats are limited to normal, standard, regular, typical style toilets having round or elongated bowls. They are not compatible with special, unique, irregular, designer toilets such as American Standard Norwall, Kohler Champlain*, Kohler Rochelle*, Case one-piece*, Jacob Delafon Fleur*, or Eljer Emblem* square front. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering.

Top and bottom photos are available upon request, e-mail us your request.
To order, click the Buy Now button or see further information below.

Purchasing Section: (Please read return policy and FAQs below before ordering.)
Our price is your cost. No surprise shipping charges or processing fees added at check-out.    
30% handling fee on exhanges. 50% restocking fee on refunds.    
Add $10.00 per order for phone payments. 800-658-4521, ext 2 Pacific Time    
Option #1: I know my color name: Opt #1 Option #1
If you know your toilet brand and color name, SPECIFY COLOR NAME using the Instructions to Merchant box or call 650-483-1139. Allow 1 - 3 weeks for delivery. Includes shipping.    
Color-To-Match® Plastic Toilet Seat ROUND, 16-1/2" bowl. $81

Color-To-Match® Plastic Toilet Seat ELONGATED, 18-1/2" bowl.

Option #2: I do not know my color name: Opt #2 Option #2
Includes expert color identification service, color samples (card-stock), plastic toilet seat, and shipping. Enter payment, then call 650-483-1139 Pacific Time to speak with our toilet expert to determine your toilet color name. Color samples sent as necessary via postal mail. Allow 3 - 5 days. Seat delivers via UPS. Allow 1 - 3 weeks after receipt of samples. $17.00 is non-refundable.    
Color-To-Match® Plastic Toilet Seat ROUND, 16-1/2" bowl. $98
Color-To-Match® Plastic Toilet Seat ELONGATED 18-1/2" bowl. $112

Color-To-Match® Sample discs. PURCHASE one hundred 1-1/2" sample discs made from the same plastic as actual toilet seat production. Price inlcudes shipping.

Need more than one? Call or for quote - 650-483-1139    

Round Toilet Seat enameled wood, without deluxe features for Kohler Taupe with color matched hinges and white bumpers


Elongated Toilet Seat enameled wood, without deluxe features for Kohler Taupe with Bone hinges, white bumpers


Elongated Toilet Seat enameled wood, without deluxe features for Kohler Taupe with Chrome hinges, white bumpers

White Round Plastic Toilet Seat (same model, deluxe features.) $77
White Elongated Plastic Toilet Seat (same model deluxe features.) $80

* Visit our Case One Piece Department for Case seats in white and some colors.

* Visit our Champlain Department for Kohler Champlain seats in white and some colors.

* Visit our Emblem Department for Eljer Emblem seats in white and many colors.

* Visit our Rochelle Department for replacement Kohler Rochelle seats in white and colors.

* Visit our Jacob Delafon Department for Fleur seats in white, almond and biscuit.

Visit our Clearance Center for overstock and discontinued seats from before the Color-To-Match® program was available.

Comments from our customers:

"What a great idea!" 2005

"We received our toilet seat last week and it matches perfect." It makes the whole toilet look brand new." 2005

"Just received my order yesterday. What fast service, less than 1 week from ordering (and on a weekend at that). Replacements look great!
Thanks for having your business online. 2 - Elongated Harbor Gray, 1 Elongated Classic Silver, 2010

"Got the seat today. Looks great, color matches perfect. Thanks again!" Round front, Raspberry, 2006

"I received the toilet seat last Friday and it was a perfect match - color and size." Elongated, Briggs Desert Rose, 2006

"I received the yellow clearance seat. Now I will need to match a blue. Second order enclosed." Centoco Saffron Yellow, 2006

"The toilet seats arrived today and they are perfect." Elongated Raspberry Puree , 2006

"I've bought from you previously so have the color chart.
Please order seat color 047 (Universal Rundle Black) in Round Front for this order." St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, 2012

"I am very happy. The seat is exactly right, received quickly and at a reasonable price. It's too bad I only need one seat ." Elongated Raspberry Puree , 2007

"Hi Gary--Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Fresh Green (Kohler) toilet seat that I ordered.
It matches perfectly and the shipment time was so fast!  I ordered it on July 6th and received it on July 11th." Round Fresh Green, 2007

"Thank you for instructions over the phone - sorry to bother you as your web instructions are very good -
will give your name to our plumber as Sonora (California) has a lot of old toilets!" Round Crane Blue, 2008

"We received our color to match seat yesterday--it is a perfect match! The Toilet Gods have never been happier!
Thanks for a great service at lightning speed." Round French Vanilla, 2008

"I just received my toilet seat today (in Kohler Spruce Green).  I love it.  I've been putting up with a white one for too many years." Spruce Green, 2009

"All three fit perfect and match great. Not only do they make the toilets look like new, the whole bathroom looks like new!" 2009

"Thank You,  Received delivery last week of our order.  The toilet seats exceeded our expectations.
Color match & quality was great, fast delivery and good service. " 2009


Q: What is the return policy?

A: There is a 30% handling fee on returns for exchange and 50% for returns for refund, unless there has been an error on our part. Installed or used seats cannot be returned. Exchange or refund of installed seats will be denied. Original carton required. Contact us for return instructions and warehouse address. Outbound shipping costs are not refundable. Unauthorized returns are assessed 100% restocking charge.

Return requests must be made within 7 days of delivery. Returns must be sent freight prepaid.


Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: If color samples have been mailed, there is a $15.00 cancellation and refund fee. If an order has been shipped but not delivered, that constitutes a return, not a cancellation. (See above.)


Q: What brands does this program match?
A: American Standard (Standard), Artesian, Briggs, Crane, Eljer, Gerber, Kilgore, Kohler, Mansfield, Norris, Norris Thermador (NT), Norris Industries (NI), Peerless, Universal Rundle (UR), Western Pottery. For brands not listed, one of the 100 colors will be very, very close.


Q: How far back do these colors go?
A: The 1950s. Some colors go back to the 1940s. Some color names from the 1940s and 1930s are not shown in the program but will be close enough to a color that is in the program. However, if you are picky about an exact match, do not order.


Q: Is everything included?
A: Yes. The seat includes the rim that you sit on, the cover (aka lid), the bumpers, hinges, bolts and nuts.


Q: What are the seats made of?
A: Injection molded plastic which is superior to painted composition wood (sawdust, resin and paint.)


Q: What are the exact specifications of the seats?
A: The seats are made of heavy weight injection molded plastic. The style is closed front with cover. The four bumpers are color-matched and molded-in. The hinges are color-matched, made with stainless steel pintles and feature Easy-Close™, aka soft-close operation. The mounting bolts are non-corrosive. The "locked-in" design prevents wobble. The Easy-Clean feature allows seat removal without tools for thorough cleaning access.


Q: Aren't wood seats better than plastic?
A: Not necessarily. "Wood" seats, aka enameled wood, aka composition wood, aka molded composition are not made of beefy lumber. They are made of sawdust and resin which are compression molded. ...Much like particle-board. The compressed sawdust is then painted. They look thicker and stronger and feel heavier because they must be two-to-three times thicker than plastic to achieve the same strength. The paint color is very thin compared to plastic seats where the color is solid through. (Drill a hole through each to see.) The moisture from bowl water and the acid vapors from urine and the chemicals from cleaning agents will eventually cause the paint on wooden seats to fail. Plastic seats are not susceptible to this failure. The paint on wooden seats can chip. Plastic seats won't chip. The bumpers on wood seats are screwed, nailed, or tacked onto the seat - they can fall off over time. The bumpers on our plastic seats are molded-in - they are integral and cannot come off. If you are replacing a wood seat now, it is probably for one of these reasons. In the case of toilet seats, plastic is better than "wood" in our opinion. (Side bar: Dark colors of plastic seats such as Raspberry, Black or Expresso are susceptible to fading over time when exposed to constant sunlight from skylights or windows.) Did you know that enameled wooden toilet seats and croquet balls are made the same way, in the same plant? True.


Q: Do any of the numbers inside the toilet indicate the color?

A: No.

A: Sometimes there will be alpha abbreviations such as "ALM" for Almond", BIS" for Biscuit, or "SHL" for Shell. These markings were probably to assist workers in the factory where the light is dim.


Q: Can I get an enameled wood seat in the color I want?
A: Maybe. We have these colors in our Clearance Center. Natural, Bone Almond, Biscuit, Linen, Fawn Beige, Venetian Pink, Dresden Blue, Silver, Ice Grey.


Q: How much is the shipping charge?
A: The prices shown include carton, packing, postage, shipping, and insurance. (Our prices include everything!)


Q: My toilet description says "Plain Bowl. What is that?
A: Plain Bowl is another term for Round bowl. This term is mostly used by Kohler Company. Their model numbers incorporate this as a suffix, such as "K-3500-PB." Plain/Round bowls are sometimes called Regular bowl.


Q: Who makes the seats?
A: Bemis Manufacturing in Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin. Made in America! (Support yourself)


Q: How long will it take for my seat to arrive?
A: From the day we receive your payment, it will take:

6 - 7 days to OR, WA, ID, MT, UT, AZ & no CA.
5 - 6 Days to CO & so CA.
4 - 5 Days to NM, w TX, ND,SD, NE, MN, NY & New England.
3 - 4 Days to KS, OK, e TX, IA, MO, AR, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, PA, w VA, VA, NC, FL.
2 - 3 Days to NC, FL, TN, MS, AL, G.

Days are working/business days. Add for weekends and holidays.  


Q: Can you ship to Canada?
A: No.


Q: Do you have hinges and bumpers as parts?
A: Don't have, can't get, don't know where.


Q: Do you have Kohler's Taupe color?
A: . Sometimes. Call 650-483-1139, Pacific Time. This discontinued color is not in the program, but occassionaly we find old inventory.


Q: Do you have white seats?
A: Yes. See link above for White.


Q: Do you have red seats?
A: Yes. Red is color #153. The color is the same as a Target store shopping cart.


Toilet seat vocabulary
Toilet seat sizes are determined by the bowl size: Round or Elongated. Other terms are sometimes used and mean the same thing. Round is also called "Regular" or "Plain." Some people call Elongated "Oblong." In the context of our program the terms are Round and Elongated. Round and Elongated relate to the the shape of the front half of a toilet seat. Toilet Glossary


Some minutiae about color matching:
1.) Toilets are made of porcelain. Your existing seat may be plastic or enamel painted wood. The toilet seats in this program are made of plastic. The color samples are made of paint. Although they all use the same color pigment, the different materials of manufacture can reflect light differently and color tones may appear different between the various materials under different light sources and at varying angles. 2.) We recommend that you choose a color listed for the brand of your toilet. In addition to color names, the brand names for the colors are listed on the color samples. 3.) If there is any color difference between the paint colors on the charts and the toilets or the seats, it is thought that the samples may run a touch darker. 4.) You might have some degree of color blindness. Article - Wikipedia, Article - Color blindness More Prevalent Among Males. This is also to say that some women may have comparatively stronger color tone perception than other people and they may perceive color tone variations that others don't.


A note about inset/recessed-front tank lids*:

These seats will fit the mounting bolt holes and bowl size. However, when putting the cover (top portion) and rim (where you sit) in the up position, the cover will not fit into the recess as did the original seat models. In some cases the seat may not stay up by itself. Possible resolution is to slide the tank lid back all the way.

* Such as some American Standard models from the 40's & 50's.


A note about low-tank style toilets*:

These seats are not compatible with low-tank toilets* in that the cover lid of the seat hinges back 95 degrees . This means it will not hinge back far enough to rest on the tank of the low-tank style toilet. This may or may not be an issue for you.

* The tank is bolted to the wall and there is an elbow pipe between the tank and the bowl. Toilet Glossary



Pricing: The price includes all shipping charges for delivery to the continental USA. Additional charge for delivery to Alaska and Hawaii. Canadian delivery is not available.

Payment How to Order (by check or PayPal):

Via Check: Postal mail a note stating "Color-to-Match Toilet Seat"; your mailing address; your phone number; and include a check* or money order payable to This Old Toilet (Add 9.0% sales tax if delivery is to California.**) Send to:


This Old Toilet
P O Box 3501
Los Altos, CA 94024

* Include your bank's telephone number so that we can verify funds prior to shipment. If we are unable to verify funds, please allow two weeks from receipt of check to shipment of lid.

** If delivery is to California, add 9.0% for sales tax. (Rate is for Santa Clara county, where title passes, per State Board of Equalization regulations.)

Via PayPal (Credit Cards): Alternately you may pay via PayPal. Click the PayPal Buy Now link next to the seat you want to order.

Our PayPal e-mail payment address is

PayPal note: If you get a "Timed Out" error message, you may have a "corrupt cookie" on your computer. We can e-mail you instructions to resolve. Or phone PayPal at 402-935-2050.

Glossary of Plumbing Terms ~ Donations to Public Schools
E-mail: ~ Phone: 650-483-1139 Pacific Time

The Colors:

American Standard: Aegean Mist, Americana Brown, Autumn Gold, Bayberry, Avocado, Bermuda Coral, Black, Blonde, Bone, Candlelyght, Classic Mink, Classic Turquoise, Clair de Lune Blue*, Colonial Blue, Corallin, Daydream, Dresden Blue, Euro White, Fawn Beige, Heather, Honeydew, Ionian Black, Light Mink, Light Turquoise, Linen, Loganberry, Manchu Yellow*, Ming Green, Orchid, Orchid of Vincennes, Peach Blossom, Persian Brown, Platinum Gray, Rain Forest, Regency Blue, Rhapsody Blue, Saffron Yellow, Shell, Silver, Spice Moca, Spring, Surf Green, Tang Red, Tourmaline* Venetian Pink, Warm White.

*Substitutes: Clair de Lune Blue -Regency Blue; Manchu Yellow - Saffron Yellow; Tourmaline - Rain Forest

Artesian: Avocado, Azure Green, Blush, Bone, Cameo Rose, Carnation Pink, Citron Yellow, Golden Harvest, Java, Lucerne Blue, Parched Sand, Peach Blossom, Pearl Gray, Soft Yellow, Tawny Green, Willow Green.

Briggs: Avocado Green, Bermuda Blue, Biscuit, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Cafe Brown, Desert Rose, Dresden Blue, Elegant Black, Fawn Beige, Harvest Gold, Light Grey, Lilac, Parchment, Regency Blue, Royal Silver, Saffron Yellow, Sea Green, Shell, Sky Blue, Soft Blue, Special Vanilla, Spring Mist, Tampa Blue, Tampa Sand, Venetian Pink.

Crane: Almond Nut, Autumn Beige, Avocado, Aztec Gold, Black, Blush, Bone/Cameo, Buttercup Yellow, Carnation Pink, Pale Jade, Peach Blossom, Platinum Grey, Powder Blue, Sahara Sand, Seafoam Green, Shell Pink, Sky Blue, Sun Tan, Teakwood, Tender Grey, Wild Rose.

Eljer: Avocado, Blossom Pink, Classic Grey, Colonial Yellow, Creamy Yellow, Denim Blue, Desert Gold, Dusty Rose, Glacier Blue, Island Sea, Lilac, Misty Rose, Natural, Onyx, Oxford Blue, Pastel Green, Peach Bisque, Platinum, Ruby, Sage, Sandlewood/Sandalwood, Sea Mist Green, Silk, Tuscan Tan, Twilight Blue, Verde Green, Zinfandel.

Gerber: Almond, Avocado, Bahama Pink (063), Blush, Bone, British Biscuit, Citron Yellow, Dawn Blue, English Rose, Jamaican Beige, Mocha, Nutria, Ocean Sand, Peach, Petal Pink, Powder Blue, Regal Blue, Sahara Gold, Seashell, Silverado, Soft Grey, Spanish Gold, Tijuana Sand, Wedgewood Blue, Wheat.

Kilgore: Almond, Avocado, Bone, Cerulean Blue, Dresden Blue, Fawn Beige, Gold, Heron Blue, Mexican Sand, Parchment, Sterling Silver, Tender Grey.

Kohler: Almond, Antique Red, Aspen Green, Avocado, Biscuit, Black Black, Cerulean Blue, Chamois, Country Grey, Desert Bloom, Expresso, French Vanilla, Fresh Green, Harvest Gold, Heron Blue, Ice Grey, Innocent Blush, Jersey Cream, Lavender, Merlot, Mexican Sand, Navy Blue, New Orleans Blue, Parchment, Peachblow, Pink Champagne, Raspberry Puree, Sandbar, Seafoam, Skylight, Spruce Green, Sunlight, Suez Tan, Sunrise, Swiss Chocolate, Teal, Tender Grey, Taupe, Thunder Grey, Timberline, Wild Rose.

Mansfield: Antique Lace, Black, Caribbean Shell, Cascade Blue, Classic Beige, Classic Bone, Classic Silver, Dawn Blush, Desert Sand, French Chiffon, Harbor Gray, Heritage Blue, Misty Blue, Natural/Almond,

Norris: Alpine Green, Caribbean Blue, Chablis Pink, Chocolate, Harvest Gold, Ivory, Moroccan Sand, Papyrus, Parisian Creme, Rose, Sterling Silver.

Peerless: Americana Brown, Bayberry, Bone, Cerulean Blue, Dresden Blue, Fawn Beige, Harvest Gold, Ivory (Bone)Mexican Sand, Papyrus (Parchment), Regency Blue, Saffron Yellow, Sterling Silver, Venetian Pink.

Rheem - Richmond: Misty Lilac, Tropic Sand.

Toto: Sedonna Beige, Ebony (Black)

Universal Rundle: Avocado, Black, Blue, Blue Mist, Chicory Blue, Cranberry, Cream, Doeskin, Gold, Green, Green Ice, Green Velvet, Mushroom, Pink, Rose Dawn, Silver Gray, Spring Yellow, Tan, Yellow.

Western Pottery: Peach, Rose, Silver.

Plus Red which matches a Target store shopping cart. Color

Glossary of Plumbing Terms ~ Donations to Public Schools